The impressive Top Mountain Crosspoint with Europe’s highest Motorcycle Museum (above 7135 feet) is located in the midst of the stunning Ötztal mountain scenery, right at the bottom of Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road – the most attractive route to cross the Alps.

In the Motorcycle Museum, more than 500 classic motorbikes from 120 international manufacturers as well as hand picked curiosities leave no one unimpressed and fulfil great expectations on a surface area of more than 4.500 sq.m. Selected samples from all eras, starting with the year 1894, will take you through the fascinating history of the motorcycle. The highlights and milestones of each defining brand are displayed.


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Top Mountain Crosspoint


Motorcycle Gallery

Here you can warm up for your visit to the highest motorbike museum in Europe. The motorcycles shown here are only a very small selection of the current exhibition - we don't want to take all the anticipation away from you ;)

You can find more information on the individual exhibition areas here ...

Top Mountain Crosspoint
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