Bike of the Month: Zündapp Z 200 1928

Our Zündapp Z 200  is certainly not a racing motorcycle with the rated power of 4.5 hp or 198 cc displacement.
However, this was not the intention when designing this two-wheeler:

In 1928, a law was enacted that gave motorcycles tax and driving license freedom.
The only condition - namely, that the driver had to be over 16 years old - helped this single-cylinder two-stroke from Zündapp to immense popularity, as this displacement class was very popular with just this age group. The edgy plug-in tank was a trademark, lighting is looking at our Z 200 in vain, any changes in direction by hand sign was standard at that time.

The Z 200 was manufactured by the Zünder-und Apparatebau GesmbH in Nuremberg, which endeavored after the end of the First World War after the loss of the armaments business to new business fields. After sewing, writing and basket weaving machines the way was clearly paved for the production of own motorcycles and here one found at Zündapp in the interwar years just robustness and suitability for everyday use more important than cubic capacity - "quality motorcycles for everyone" was the credo.

Nuremberg itself was considered the center of the motorcycle industry. Zündapp also made Brands such as Astoria (later Nestoria), Hercules, Triumph and Cockerell, and brought the Nuremberg motorcycle industry to a term for innovation, quality and motorsport success.

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