Ride a motorbike and do good!

Fellows Ride

Save the date - 9.7.2022 Fellows Ride Tirol for depression help! 

TOP Mountain Crosspoint is a partner and supporter of the initiative "Fellows Ride - with open sights for depression support" of Dieter Schneider.
Together with committed fellow campaigners and the organisers from Innsbruck Doreen & Sebastian Schneemann ( - in German!), we are getting something good rolling: we want to draw more attention to depression support.
Depression is a widespread disease and affects almost all of us, whether directly or indirectly. 
While riding our motorbikes together, we want to raise awareness for this life-threatening disease and raise funds for mental health projects! 

More information and the possibility to register for 9.7.2022 and/or to donate can be found here! ( - in German!)


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